App of the Month – Canva

The App for February is Canva.

Canva logoCanva logo

What is it?

Canva is a web and iOS-based (Android coming soon!) application that allows you to easily make engaging visual designs. Canva uses a drag-and-drop interface, and provides beautifully made templates and guides to make your visual designs look stunning. Canva’s guides include ones for PowerPoint presentations, social media posts, documents, blog posts and marketing materials.

Why this app?

Canva’s drag-and-drop interface makes it so anyone, regardless of past experience, can make beautiful infographics. With over 8000 templates available to you, you’ll never feel like you are out of design ideas. You are also able to use your own images, personalizing the infographics to just your needs. Use Canva rather than PowerPoint to produce your lecture slides, and see a world of difference by using Canva’s design templates.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for a free Canva account at
  2. If you wish to use Canva on iOS, download the Canva app on the Apple store.
  3. Click Create a New Design, and select a design template.
  4. Now choose a Canva layout, or start straight from scratch.
  5. Use the buttons on the left-hand sidebar to add elements to your image, as well as text.
  6. Edit your project’s text and objects by clicking on them.
  7. If you are creating a presentation slide, click “+ Add a new page”, and continue working!
  8. Once you are done, either Share or Download your work by clicking one of the two buttons in the top-right corner.

An overview of Canva:

What next?

Encourage your students to embrace good design, and introduce Canva to them as an alternative to PowerPoint. Your students might like Canva so much that they may start using Canva for not only presentations, but for social media posts, website banners, infographics, and even documents. Canva was designed to be very simple to use, so anyone with any amount of design experience will be able to create something beautiful! You can download the Canva iOS app on the Apple store or work on Canva designs on a browser at

What do you think?

Tell us if you like this app, or if you don’t, tell us what app you use instead. Figured out another way of integrating the app into learning? Tweet us @UBC_ETS! We’d love to hear from you.