Adding Course Links to Announcements

In order to make the student experience of Connect smoother, some instructors often inquire about how they can direct students to specific places in their course. With all the links in Connect, sometimes clicking one after the other can feel like an unending obstacle course for both instructors and students. Adding a Course Link to your Announcement is a neat way to make sure that all students go to the exact page that you want them to!

Video Tutorial


  1. Click on the Announcement tool in the side-bar menu of your course.
    (If you are not able to see this tool on your menu, you can add it to your course by simply clicking on the plus sign grey button on the top left-hand side of your menu. Select Tool Link. In the Add Tool Link drop-down menu, choose Announcements as the Type and check the “Available to Students” box. Click Submit.)
  2. With the Edit mode enabled, click on Create Announcement and add the relevant information in the Subject and Message boxes.
  3. Scroll down to Course Link and click on Browse.
  4. In the pop-up window, you should be able to see a tree view of your course. Select any course item (e.g. folders, assignments, tests) that you would like students to access.
  5. Click on Submit to save your changes.

This is a great way to save your students some time hunting for assignments or other important files.

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