Technology in Transit — Explain Everything

Explain Everything was February’s technology of the month, an easy-to -use interactive whiteboard and screen-casting app that allows students and teachers to create rich, dynamic multimedia content to support teaching and learning. Presenter Amanda Schoepp showcased how the interactive video recording feature in the app can be used to visually and orally present information, materials and instructions. Using both the app and the browser version in her computer, Schoepp also demonstrated how Explain Everything can be used to type, import images, videos, PDFs and Powerpoint presentations that can be edited and narrated over. Teachers can take advantage of the multiple features of the app for supplementary instruction and particularly to support ELL students in explaining their thinking and reasoning. For more information about Explain Everything, please refer to the showcase handout.


Our featured student this month was Amanda Schoepp from the Faculty of Education.

Amanda Schoepp
Amanda Schoepp (BA, MA, CELTA) is a teacher candidate in the Personalized Learning and Technology cohort in the Elementary program, who enjoys exploring integrating various aspects of technology into her teaching practice.